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 TVTropes, un site quinaibien!

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MessageSujet: TVTropes, un site quinaibien!   18/1/2012, 17:40

A vous qui connaissez l'anglais, jetez-vous sur TVTropes : http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage

J'ai découvert ce site grâce au dernier canard PC et c'est vraiment excellent.

Pour résumer, il s'agit d'un wiki (en anglais) où chaque fiche correspond à un cliché, un archétype utilisé dans toute oeuvre. A chaque Trope, vous avez une explication drôle et bien fichue, et une liste d'exemples classés par média.

Je ne résiste pas au plaisir de vous en partager un :
Citation :

Katanas Are Just Better

I can tell you with no ego, this is my finest sword. If on your journey, you should encounter God, God will be cut.
— Hattori Hanzô, Kill Bill

Many tropers are Japanophiles — the popularity of ninjas and samurai makes this fairly clear. Not only this, Japan is the country of origin of a large number of games, movies, tv shows, myths, and legends. Rule Of Cool says swords are cooler than guns and tends to also hold the katana to be the coolest sword.

Sure, there's something to the real life allure of the katana, both in making it and wielding it, that lends awe and respect, but hardly the mythological powers attributed to it in fiction. A katana in fiction (and on film, Every Japanese Sword is a Katana) can slice through anything as if it were butter. Further, merely wielding a katana makes one a superhuman fighter. A skilled fictional katana wielder can slice bullets in mid air, chop gun barrels off and even slice other swords not as cool as the katana off at the hilt. The katana wielder him/herself will also be considerably more agile and skilled than any other weapon wielder. If on the enemy side, expect a katana wielder to at least be an Elite Mook, if not a Big Bad or The Dragon.

Since fencing with katanas will usually be depicted as being an "honorable" manner of fighting, it will in most cases be implied if not stated outright that using firearms is despicable, cowardly or somehow "low". At the same time, fencing won't be depicted as "low" compared to hand-to-hand combat, nor will it be "low" for a katana wielder to attack people armed with less effective melee weapons, like knives or farming implements.

Wooden Katanas Are Even Better is a Sub Trope. We also have a Useful Notes page on Swords; add further details of Real Life swords and katanas there. Those wielding a katana may Swipe Their Blades Off.
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TVTropes, un site quinaibien!
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